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12 Nov 2017

“Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II”

WWII guided tours

“In the fall of 1941, mysterious letters appeared in the mailboxes of a select group of young women attending the Seven Sisters colleges. Chosen for their aptitude in such subjects as math, English, history, foreign languages and astronomy, the women were invited to meet one-on-one with senior professors. At Wellesley, the students were asked unusual … Continue reading “Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II”

8 Nov 2017

WWII American Hero Dies at 96

“These young Gestapo guys don’t even check papers well anymore.” ~ Irv Refkin A young Jewish-American OSS (Office of Strategic Services) spy during WWII, Refkin spent a lot of time behind enemy lines, usually disguised as a German corporal (“No one has ever noticed a corporal,” he said). On this occasion he was having drinks … Continue reading WWII American Hero Dies at 96

13 Oct 2017

Vietnam: Ghosts of Our Fathers

Vietnam Dragon Hoi An Tours

By Lt. Col.(ret) Brian M. DeToy, PhD & Sheryl Rankin Shafer Photo Credit: Sheryl Rankin Shafer Vietnam. The word itself conjured up so many images, so many memories for my wife and me. It was associated so deeply with our youth. I was born in 1962 on an Army camp on Okinawa and Sheryl a … Continue reading Vietnam: Ghosts of Our Fathers

18 Dec 2015
9 Sep 2015

Founding Fathers: A Cuba Travelogue

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EHE partners Dr. Brian DeToy and Sheryl Rankin Shafer were recently published, along with several of Sheryl’s photos, in Destinations Travel Magazine! Check out the article entitled Founding Fathers: A Cuba Travelogue! Cuba is hot this year. The Pearl of the Antilles is anticipating an influx of Americans out to discover this country so … Continue reading Founding Fathers: A Cuba Travelogue

30 Jun 2015
1 Apr 2015

Exploring the Big Island

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Sheryl and I had our first anniversary approaching and so we set off for the Big Island of Hawaii to celebrate. I had lived on Oahu, at Schofield Barracks, as a kid aged 7-10, and have returned to that island several times over the years. But I had not been to the Big Island or, … Continue reading Exploring the Big Island

25 Feb 2015

A South African Journey

South Africa guided tours

In April 2013, Brian and Sheryl had the magnificent opportunity to explore South Africa for two weeks. The following article, along with many of Sheryl’s photographs, was pushlished in Destinations Travel magazine in a three-part series. South African Exploration April 16-20, 2013 Brian DeToy & Sheryl Rankin Shafer South Africa. Few countries … Continue reading A South African Journey

25 Feb 2015

West Point “Point of View” Article Featuring Brian

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The following article discusses the end of Basic Training (“Beast Barracks”) for incoming West Point Plebes in August 2012. Brian was privileged to give the address at the end of the difficult Timothy Steele Challenge, named in honor of one of Brian’s former students who had been killed leading his troops in battle in Afghanistan … Continue reading West Point “Point of View” Article Featuring Brian

9 Jan 2015

Extreme Preparation: Pre-Expedition Reconnaissance

wwii tours

Extreme Preparation: Pre-Expedition Reconnaissance January 9, 2015 Before every Essential History Expedition trip, one or both of us conducts an extensive visit to the sites where we will guide guests on the expedition. The purpose of the extreme reconnaissance is to ensure the entire experience will highly complete and enjoyable for all guests. Some trip … Continue reading Extreme Preparation: Pre-Expedition Reconnaissance

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