9 Sep 2015

Having just returned from Essential History Expeditions’ February 2023 Vietnam tour, I cannot say enough good things about it! As a retired Army general, I was hoping to better understand the Vietnam War, which shaped my training and the Army which I served in from 1979-2016. I also looked forward to viewing my Dad’s experience as a military advisor in 1962-63 & 1968-69 in a new light after seeing the terrain. Brian and Sheryl delivered that and more. Our tour traced the major political and military struggles of both the French and American wars, and helped to understand the Vietnamese point of view at every turn. Their approach, which incorporated both Brian’s historical expertise (honed by his PhD and 12 years teaching at West Point) along with assigning voluntary “character backgrounds” presented by the tour participants, encouraged not only study in preparation beforehand but also a collaborative discussion of the issues in the long struggles of the Vietnamese people. Sheryl’s precise planning and use of 5-star accommodations made the trip luxurious throughout, with meals, 4 internal flights, 12 bus trips, and a 2-day opulent boat excursion into Halong Bay all handled seamlessly. One of the best travel experiences of my life!