9 Sep 2015

My wife and I had the fortunate opportunity to embark on Essential History Expedition’s “The D-Day Longest Day” tour from England to Normandy to the Liberation of Paris.  The tour was primarily geared from an historical military perspective and to immerse ourselves in the planning, execution, and impact of the WW II Normandy invasion to liberate Europe from the German occupation.  What an absolute treat!  Sheryl was flawless in setting up the logistics and keeping us informed every step of the way, both before, during, and after the actual tour. Choosing to spend a few extra days on our own in London and Paris, she made all our additional arrangements for accommodations and travel.  It was seamless.  Brian is an absolute font of knowledge.  As we progressed through the various historical sites, his narratives and endless stories made the events of the Normandy invasion come alive.  I truly do not know how he retains the plethora of dates, names, and related facts.  I am at a loss to recall a single question he was unable to answer, many of which were posed from some very knowledgeable members on the tour. Brian’s own distinguished military career added to the relevance of his presentations.  The free time at the hotels and group dinners allowed for some one on one conversations both with Sheryl and Brian as well as the other members of our group.  You don’t have to be a military “nut” to enjoy this trip. My wife is from New Zealand and she was fascinated with the various aspects of this historical event. There is plenty of local culture to partake of if you just want to sit back and enjoy the exquisite countryside and hospitality.  This tour is a keeper!  Five stars does not do it justice.