9 Sep 2015

Two years ago, on the dawn of June 6th, we crossed the English Channel onto the beaches of Normandy, just like they did 75 years earlier.  Except it wasn’t just like they did.  While we enjoyed good weather and the freedom and time to reflect on their Rendezvous with Destiny, they had faced torrential rain and life-threatening obstacles as they ran towards the artillery exploding around them and bullets flying at them; many cutting into their brave young bodies and souls.


Though our experience on the beaches was very different from the Allied Forces, Brian DeToy summoned his unique ability to take us back in time to imagine what it was like for them.  His military experience, research, education and love of history equip him to set the stage in every facet and mood and bring it to life.  One place in particular where he did an exceptional job was upon entering the American Cemetery.  As visitors were nonchalantly streaming in, Brian pulled us to the side and spoke solemn, focused words that were appropriate for revering the site and honoring, in a personal way, those who had lost their lives and were buried there.  It will always be with me.


Sheryl’s many strengths include her meticulous administrative and organizational skills, as well as graciousness and the patience of a saint.  She handled every detail beautifully – and there were many!


This was truly a life-changing trip for us – our favorite – the trip of a lifetime!