The Pacific: America in WWII, 1941-45
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Date(s) - 03/03/2026 - 15/03/2026
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Pearl Harbor

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MARCH 6-15, 2026

Eighty-five years ago, in December 1941, the United States was pulled into the largest and most destructive war in human history. In the end, the allies triumphed over the fascism of Germany, Italy and Japan. The latter nation, by attacking the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, ensured a titanic struggle for mastery of the vast ocean and its periphery would be waged to the end.

This will be the last major opportunity to mingle with veterans of the Greatest Generation, especially those who are Pearl Harbor survivors (an 18-year old in December 1941 will be 103 today, while one from 1945 will be 99!). This Pearl Harbor guided tour will take us to the island of Oahu in Hawaii to examine the beginnings of America’s involvement in the great struggle. We will visit two ships, lying end-to-end, that encapsulate the war – the USS Arizona, under its memorial, where the war began that terrible Sunday morning, and the USS Missouri, on whose decks the allies accepted complete Japanese surrender on September 2, 1945. We will also see numerous other sites of the war, from ships, submarines and aircraft to Army garrisons and mountain observation points. We will attend several significant WWII remembrance events throughout the week and incorporate them into the itinerary as the schedule is announced.

In addition to the Pearl Harbor tour, we will also visit many places associated with Hawaiian history from its founding as a kingdom

This fully guided and immersive staff-ride will explore the people and places of the Pacific Theater from December 1941 to September 1945. We will walk the beaches, explore the towns, and follow the operations from the “infamy” at Pearl Harbor through the jungles of the Marianas – Saipan, Guam and Tinian — to the final climactic battle of Okinawa and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

The events of 1941-45 continue to inspire long after the guns have fallen silent. This Pacific trip will bring guests to the beaches, cliffs and rugged ridges and fields; and villages, towns and cities where the Greatest Generation made their most indelible mark. From Seamen at Pearl and in the battle of the Philippine Sea; to Airmen on Tinian and above the beachheads; to Marines and Soldiers in intense fighting and brutal slugfests on Saipan’s Purple Heart Ridge and Death Valley and on Okinawa’s Sugar Loaf, Hacksaw Ridge and Shuri castle. Meanwhile banzai and kamikaze attacks threatened disaster at any moment. Then, we will arrive in Hiroshima to discuss the use of atomic weapons to end the war.

The WWII expedition unfolds over ten days and nine nights with stories of all the Allied participants as well as those of the Japanese defenders and civilians.

Pearl Harbor


flag at Pearl Harbor
sun on horizon

Day 1, Friday, March 6

Hawaii & Introduction to the Pacific in WWII

  • Arrive no later than 5 pm and check-in to the famed Moana Surfrider, the “grand dame” of Waikiki.
  • Social Hour on the hotel verandah with views of Diamond Head and a spectacular Pacific sunset.
  • Opening group dinner with an overview of the expedition.

Day 2, Saturday, March 7th

Pearl Harbor & Hawaii in WWII

  • Drive to Camp Smith (an active USMC base and home to the joint Indo-Pacific Command HQ).
  • Discuss Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor of December 7, 1941. The Officer’s Club on the hill of Camp Smith offers a superb overview location of Pearl Harbor down below. Includes a light lunch buffet.
  • Drive to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and visit the National Park Service WWII Museum and take US Navy boat out to USS Arizona Memorial to visit the hallowed site of the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. You can also tour the USS Bowfin, a WWII submarine known as “The Avenger of Pearl Harbor.”
  • This attack shook the US from its isolationist shell and brought it into the World War that was raging in both Europe and Asia. The might of American industry and military power was unleashed, eventually defeating expansionist Nazi fascism and Japanese militarism.
  • Drive to USS Missouri, alongside Ford Island and have a private tour of the battleship USS Missouri. On her decks the Japanese surrendered in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945, to an international coalition of Allies led by General Douglas MacArthur.
  • Return drive to lodgings.
  • Dinner on your own in Waikiki.
  • Hotel: Moana Surfrider on Waikiki

Day 3, Sunday, March 8th

The Punchbowl, Hickam AFB & Flight to Guam

  • Breakfast, load luggage and depart lodgings.
  • Drive to National Cemetery and visit the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in the Punch Bowl Crater. Thousands of Americans from WWII through Korea, Vietnam and the present lay in honor here. The maps depict all the major actions of the wars.
  • Drive to Hickam Air Force Base (AFB) and visit the Defense Personnel Accounting Agency (DPAA) on Hickam AFB. The DPAA is charged by Congress with finding and accounting (identifying and repatriating when possible) for the remains of American servicemen and women from WWII through Vietnam. It is an amazing organization.
  • Drive to Inouye Honolulu International Airport and check-in for flight to Guam.
  • Lunch on your own at the airport.
  • United flight from Honolulu to Guam International Airport.

Day 4, Monday, March 9th

Arrival on Guam in the Marianas Islands

  • Evening arrival at Guam International Airport after 7 ¾ hour non-stop United flight over the International Dateline.
  • Meet bus and drive to beachside lodgings and check-in.
  • Group social and dinner at the hotel.
  • Hotel: Guam Hilton Resort & Spa.
map of Guam
map of Saipan

Day 5, Tuesday, March 10th

Operation FORAGER (the Marianas Campaign)

  • Check-out and depart lodgings with luggage.
  • Drive to Guam International Airport and check-in.
  • United flight from Guam to Saipan International Airport.
  • Load bus for Saipan battle visit.
  • Visits to the Airfield seizure, Landing Beaches, Death Valley/Purple Heart Ridge, Mount Tapotchai overlook, scene of final massed banzai charge, Suicide Cliff and Japanese final defense, Banzai Cliff, Korean Memorial, and the NPS American Memorial.
  • Box lunch from Great Harvest Bread Co. at Mount Tapotchai overlook site.
  • Operation FORAGER was the largest and most complex Pacific operation to date. The concurrent naval-air Battle of the Philippine Sea broke the back of Japanese carrier aviation for the remainder of the war.
  • Check-in to Saipan lodgings.
  • Social hour at either Plumeria Steakhouse or Tapped Out.
  • Dinner on your own in Garapan, Saipan.
  • Hotel: Crowne Plaza Resort

Day 6, Wednesday, March 11th

Tinian, Strategic Bombing, MANHATTAN & Flight to Incheon

  • Check-out and depart lodgings with luggage.
  • Drive to Saipan International Airport for the short charter flight to Tinian Island.
  • Load two vans at Tinian Airport and visit Japanese cave defenses, Runways ABLE and BAKER, Atomic Bomb Loading area, and the Seabee Memorial. If time allows, visit Landing Beach and amphtrac.
  • Tinian’s airbases became the world’s busiest airport from November 1944-July 1945. Both the Enola Gay and Bockscar flew from here in August 1945.
  • Group lunch at JC Café in San Jose, Tinian.
  • Drive to Tinian airport for return flight from Tinian to Saipan International Airport.
  • Check-in for flight to Incheon, Korea (Seoul).
  • Flight from Saipan to Incheon International Airport, with dinner enroute.
  • On arrival in Korea, we will go through Passport Control and then gather luggage and check-in to airport hotel.
  • Hotel: Sheraton Grand Incheon

Day 7, Thursday, March 12th

Operation CHROMITE & Flight to Okinawa

  • Load bus and depart lodgings with luggage.
  • Drive to Memorial Hall of the Incheon Landings and discuss the September 1950 invasion (Operation CHROMITE) that changed the war in Korea along with the concurrent breakout from the Pusan Perimeter. Discuss America’s critical role in the Korean War and western Pacific since 1950.
  • Drive to Incheon International Airport and lunch on your own at airport.
  • United Flight to Naha, Okinawa.
  • On arrival on Okinawa, we will go through Passport Control, gather luggage and board bus for the short trip to Naha Harbor.
  • Board charter boat and sail to Chatan Harbor. As we approach the harbor, we will be coming in on the invasion beaches of April 1, 1945, specifically the 96th Infantry Division on WHITE and BROWN.
  • After a short walk down the boardwalk, we check-in to our lodgings in the American Village.
  • Group dinner at Four Seasons Teppanyaki Steakhouse.
  • Hotel: Hilton Chatan Resort

Day 8, Friday, March 13th

The Last Battle – Okinawa and Operation ICEBERG

  • Depart lodgings.
  • Visits to Kakazu Ridge, Hacksaw Ridge, Wana Ridge & Wana Draw with boxed lunch. Visit Shuri Castle (Sugar Loaf Hill), and Conical Hill in the afternoon.
  • Okinawa was second only in size to the invasion of Luzon in the Pacific War; it also saw the most casualties of any American campaign in the Pacific. In addition, the Japanese military lost an entire army of over 100,000 men and the Okinawan civilian population lost another 100,000. Any invasion of the Japanese main islands was thus thrown into stark relief.
  • Social hour (at hotel or nearby site).
  • Dinner on your own in the American Village.
  • Hotel: Hilton Chatan Resort

Day 9, Saturday, March 14th

End of the Okinawa Battle & Flight to Hiroshima

  • Check-out and depart lodgings with luggage.
  • Drive to LTG Simon Bolivar Buckner Memorial on Maezato Ridge near Itoman.
  • Discuss Japanese penultimate defense line and US attack at a spot near where three senior American leaders were killed, including the 10th Army commander.
  • Drive to the Peace Memorial Park and visit the site of the final Japanese defense, last HQ of the Japanese High Command, and final assaults by the US 7th Infantry Division.
  • After final discussion on the ridge overlooking the Pacific, time on your own to visit the various memorials and world-class museum.
  • Drive to Naha International Airport and check-in for flight from Naha to Hiroshima.
  • Lunch on your own at the airport.
  • Flight from Naha, Okinawa to Hiroshima International Airport.
  • Meet bus, load luggage, drive to lodgings and check-in.
  • Final group dinner at the hotel.
  • Hotel: Sheraton Grand Hiroshima

Day 10, Sunday, March 15th

Hiroshima, the Atomic Bomb & End of the Expedition

  • Check-out and depart lodgings with luggage on bus.
  • Drive to Hiroshima Peace Park and visit the epicenter of the August 6, 1945 bombing. Flying from Tinian Island, the Enola Gay appeared over the city and dropped a single bomb. The resulting explosion killed tens of thousands immediately and in the radioactive aftermath. A new era in history had commenced and the debates rage on to this day. The museums are sobering reminders and spaces for reflection.
  • Lunch on your own.
  • Return by bus to the main station to take the high-speed train to Tokyo Central Station.
  • End of the expedition and onward journeys or a longer stay in Tokyo.
Peace Park


  • Ten days and nine nights of in-depth guided tours.
  • Full-time professional historian
  • All lodging in 4 or 5-star hotels in each location: 2 nights in Honolulu, 1 night on Guam, 1 night on Saipan, 1 night in Incheon, 2 nights on Okinawa and 1 night in Hiroshima.
  • Breakfast at all hotels. Lunches and dinners per itinerary.
  • All museum and other entrance fees per itinerary.
  • Daily transportation on luxury bus or van with driver.
  • Personalized tour support.
  • Commercial flights, economy -class, from Honolulu to Guam, Guam to Saipan, Saipan to Tinian and return, Saipan to Incheon, Incheon to Okinawa and Okinawa to Hiroshima. Upgrade available at cost.
  • All airport transfers to/from airports/hotels.
  • Train from Hiroshima to Tokyo
  • Pricing: per person, double occupancy: $11,000; single occupancy supplement: $1,000. Pricing subject to change based on flights when closer to the trip.


  • Flights to Honolulu and from Tokyo
  • Alcohol
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  • Let’s schedule a conference call! We’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Complete the contact form below and let’s set up a call.


EHE requires a deposit of 30 percent to confirm the trip. For any cancellation made 90 days before the tour start date, EHE will refund all payments minus itemized sunk costs by EHE and a $250 per person administrative fee.

  • $11,000 per person, double occupancy;: $1,000 single occupancy supplement. Pricing subject to change based on flights when closer to the trip.
  • Cancellations received by EHE between 90 and 60 days of the tour start date will result in forfeiture of the deposit.
  • For cancellations received by EHE between 30 and 60 days of the tour start date, the guests will be responsible for 50 percent of the tour cost to cover sunk costs.
  • For cancellations received by EHE less than 30 days of the tour start date, the guests will be responsible for the total tour cost.


Contact Information: Brian DeToy phone 253.468.7374 and email or Sheryl Shafer phone 303.517.9676 and email

The Pacific: America in WWII, 1941-45 03/03/2026 - 15/03/2026 All Day The Pacific: America in WWII, 1941-45 Pearl Harbor The Pacific: America in WWII, 1941-45 Eighty years ago in December 2021, the United States was pulled into the largest and most destructive war in human history. In the end, the allies triumphed over the fascism of Germany, Italy and Japan.he latter nation, by attacking the American Pacific Fleet Mission Critical Systems 03-03-2026T00:00 03-03-2026T23:59 Active Active 03-03-2026 Active $0.00 03-03-2026
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