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Date(s) - 04/06/2022
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Morocco & Tunisia: North Africa and Operation TORCH at 80

APRIL 2023

While American troops were already engaged in the Pacific, at Guadalcanal, it was on these African shores that US forces first entered combat in the European Theater. Under Allied Commander-in-Chief Dwight Eisenhower, American, British and other allies stormed ashore in Morocco and Algeria in November 1942. The subsequent campaign would last until German surrender in Tunisia in May 1943.

This expedition will start with the Moroccan landings of General George Patton’s men near Casablanca on the beaches of Safi, Fedala (today, Mohammedia) and Port Lyautey (today, Kenitra). Casablanca is next, our target as well as that of the Americans as it was the greatest port in the region and home to the Axis fleet. It was also the scene of the first great Allied foreign shores conference of the war, in January 1943. From the bazaars of Casablanca we will fly to Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. Here, in the green, grain-filled valleys and rocky mountains, the final battle for North Africa occurred. Field Marshals Rommel and then Von Arnim and their Panzerarmee Afrika attempted to hold back Eisenhower’s forces, Montgomery’s 8th and Anderson’s 1st armies, under the army group command of Field Marshal Harold Alexander. We will visit numerous pitched battles sites, including the famed Kasserine Pass. In the end, the North Africa campaign was a signal success for the allies with the almost total destruction of German and Italian forces on the continent.

Although the WWII actions will form the backbone of the trip, we will have plenty of time to explore other cultural and historical riches, including Carthage and Roman Africa. Incredible scenery, world-class cuisine and the amazing richness of our shared experiences over the millennia highlight this examination of the southern portion of the great Mediterranean world.

Morocco & Tunisia
Morocco & Tunisia
Morocco & Tunisia


What sets Essential History Expeditions and Dr. Brian DeToy apart is his unique experience with 14 years as a university professor including teaching history and strategic studies at West Point, 28 years as a US Army officer with combat experience, and 27 years of leading battlefield tours. Brian has led tours comprising military leaders, West Point professors and cadets, and business leaders of national companies. Brian’s combined experience as a scholar soldier brings the events on this hallowed ground to life.

Brian DeToy WWI France Tour


My son and I just returned from the World War I trip. It was better than I ever imagined. Everything was absolutely beyond what I had envisioned. Brian made the history come alive, and Sheryl attended to every little detail. I could have spent another week or two with them. 5 stars is not enough. Can’t wait to go with them again.

We just got back from the D-Day/Normandy trip with our family. Since our five kids are now between ages 27 & 17, it was likely our last vacation with the whole family. Two friends of our children joined us. Perfect falls short of describing it. There were excellent accommodations, comfortable transportation to the sites, tasty meals, completely thorough presentations of the history with a personal touch and fine company to share. It all went off like clock-work – even bathroom breaks. Sheryl & Brian have this wired and are experts at their craft. Worth every dime and beyond our wildest expectations – we were thrilled to have this experience for our family. It was a stress-free trip and the standard by which all other vacations will be judged.

It is a shame that rating Essential History Expeditions is limited to only five stars. EHE earns a constellation of positive recognition. Brian is learned in history of great depth as well as the ability to impart such knowledge in a clear and enthusiastic manner. His knowledge is not limited to the topic at hand, in this case EHE’s D-Day tour, but of eclectic history over the ages. We passed a street in France and when someone mentioned the name of the street Brian entertained us with an impromptu mini lecture on the person after whom the street was named, who they were and what they did that earned a street. We visited Mont Saint-Michel whose groundbreaking occurred in the 10th century and the ribbon cutting ceremony centuries later and yet once again Brian provided great insight into the history and events surrounding this island commune. Sheryl, Brian’s most capable and gracious business and life partner, made a complex trip look easy. A most worthy and appreciated skill. Be it lodging, box lunches, transportation (impromptu or otherwise), it all just magically happened(!). I have never been so well cared for on a hosted trip. I learned so much from this trip of a lifetime while being well cared for and socializing with well matched people of similar interests all of whom immensely enjoyed the camaraderie. We all were guided through the shadow of history of very brave people, soldiers as well as civilian; Allied as well as Axis and we were honored to do so. I encourage you to experience Essential History Expeditions. It could be your trip of a lifetime as well.

ACTIVITIES & HIGHLIGHTS: Full Itinerary Coming!

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