9 Sep 2015

John Neely

I’ve often wished I could once again listen to memorable lectures and banter with a special professor. I would think “If I had that opportunity again, I would get so much more out of it now; I would know to truly appreciate it.” With EHE and Brian DeToy you get that chance, with a wonderful vacation thrown in. Brian is more than a poised, confident and enthusiastic guide; he is an educator. He is careful to tailor his presentations so that all members of the audience, whatever their age or background, will come away with a memorable experience. If you prefer to sit back and listen or jump up and reenact a historical figure, there is something for everyone here. Brian is seemingly indefatigable as well; he can lead a recreated patrol through the hedgerows of Normandy then hold court into the evening hours displaying a masterly command of a wide range of topics. Regarding the vacation aspect of the trip, EHE is a bargain considering the quality and depth of the experience. The scouting trips Brian and his wife Sheryl take before result in wonderful local food and accommodations for their clients’ trips. Sheryl competently manages all aspects of the day-to-day experience so that Brian can concentrate on sharing his knowledge and passion of the area and its history. My wife and I have taken two trips with them so far with our Cuba adventure coming up this October. EHE trips will continue to be one of the experiences we very much look forward to in the coming years. Regarding Essential History Expeditions, I would simply tell anyone that we plan on using them for the rest of our lives. While we consider ourselves blessed to be friends with the owners, anyone signing up for one of your tours will be friends at the end.