9 Sep 2015

I just returned from the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor as a member of Essential History Expeditions tour. Not only did our group see and experience all the normal activities and sites associated with the 1941 attack, but with Brian DeToy’s military connections we attended ceremonies and visited numerous locations not available to the general public. This was my 4th tour with Brian and his wife (the firm’s Coo) Sheryl, having been to Cuba and Vietnam, going from one end of both countries to the other, and all the major battlegrounds of Gettysburg.
Brian’s extensive knowledge of military history, often discussing battles down to the last detail, is almost unimaginable.
A final comment involves the excellent level of planning and organization, including hotel accomodations, restaurant choices, local culture activies and guides, among a multitude of other details. This allows tour members to relax from the stress normally associated with traveling, knowing that everything resonable has been anticipated and dealt with prior to the tour.
The best part for me is the friendship I have developed with Brian and Sheryl who, in addition to their professional competence, are among the nicest people on the planet.