Essential History Expeditions is pleased to partner with groups to produce stimulating educational and fun experiential encounters with history and culture. These organizations include schools, companies, reunions, friends and more. Essential History Expeditions will conduct detailed cooperative development of expeditions to ensure groups accomplish their trip goals. These partners are valued collaborators in the development and execution of life-changing and affirming experiences. Contact Essential History Expeditions to see how your group, no matter the size, can become a partner in the creation of historical and cultural magic.

Current Partnerships include:

SMU -- History 3385 D-Day: Operation OVERLORD & Europe's Liberation

SMU’s Center for Presidential History and Essential History Expeditions have partnered for an on-site exploration of London, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Normandy and Paris, walking the cities and beaches where Churchill schemed, Ike commanded, flyers downed pints and soldiers fought for Europe’s liberation. This tour offers credit for students and and opportunity for alumni and friends of the university to see the places where history took place.

Valor Tours

Essential History Expeditions is pleased to partner with Valor Tours, a leader in providing military history tours.

University ROTC Groups

Because Dr. DeToy is deeply grateful for his ROTC experience at Notre Dame University, he gives back to ROTC programs at his alma mater as well as several other universities and colleges. For each ROTC group, Dr. DeToy leads seniors and faculty in the program on an annual staff ride to a major battlefield, such as Gettysburg and the Battle of Little Bighorn. This culminating event provides an amazing opportunity for the students to integrate lessons they’ve learned regarding current military practices in the ROTC program with leadership on the battlefield. These experiences are comparable to the 100+ staff rides that Dr. DeToy led for students and faculty at West Point to battlefields such as Gettysburg, Antietam, Saratoga, Yorktown, Kings Mountain/Cowpens, and Normandy.  Essential History Expeditions offers these ROTC experiences at the cost of expenses for Dr. DeToy plus an honorarium. Please contact EHE if interested in more information.

Quintess Collection -- Adventures

Essential History Expeditions is pleased to partner with Quintess, a leader in providing luxury vacations for its members. In addition to access to fabulous vacation homes, Quintess members can customize luxury vacations to destinations around the world. Essential History Expeditions has partnered with Quintess to create personalized guided tours for London/Normandy/Paris and for Cuba.

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